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DEPLOYMENT 3: Basic Training 101

[Back on the 20th, the Postman delivered to Balin his AFS physical training uniform and some of his other Recruit gear, except for the sidearm and its holster. Which is just fine for Balin! He'd prefer the uniform over gimpy Fifties attire anyway.]

[ACTION - ALL RESIDENTIAL STREETS (Late Morning/Early Afternoon)]

[So, since Balin isn't on shift today, it's time to put that gear to use! Balin's getting back into a morning PT regime, jogging through all of Mayfield's neighborhoods. What better way to get a feel for the lay of the land and where everyone lives? He's not running at any record-breaking speeds, but rather seems to be jogging at a steady pace, going for endurance and distance than speed. Every so often, though, he stops and starts doing pushups on the sidewalk—sometimes one-handed, sometimes not.]

[Have some appropriate music.]

[Feel free to strike up conversation with him, crash into him, harass him or whatever!]
Tags: !regains, *action, @mayfield, ^garviel loken, ^gilgamesh, ^shana, ^virginia maxwell, ^yuri volte hyuga, dun! dun! da-dun!, meet the demolitionist, no i won't sing cadence for you
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